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SNK vs Capcom SVC Chaos

version: jp - year: 2004 - developer: snk - publisher: playmore - format: playstation 2, dvdrom - condition: mint - rarity: common


The character design is unbelievable


Red Arremer, the irritating red devil from Ghosts'n'Goblins becomes playable (along with Athena) after beating the survival mode. Worth getting but good luck...


Athena has by far the most powerful special moves in the whole game...where's the balance?!


Backgrounds are varied although a bit bare


Demitri's Midnight Bliss turns characters into a sexier form 1st and into skeletons after that


SNK characters are more or less unchanged from previous games


This is the sexiest Chun-li I have ever seen!
If you want to see Ken like this, get this game :)

Review - SNK vs Capcom (SVC) is one of those titles that SNK fans (as well as Capcom's in all truth!) have been waiting for a long time.

On one hand, Capcom already used the license to create its own interpretation of this epic clash with Capcom vs SNK and its sequel while on the other hand, SNK already used the IP to develop an super-deformed version for the Neo-Geo pocket: SNK vs Capcom the Match of the Millennium.

Anyways, SVC finally hit the arcade sometimes in 2003 and was later ported to the Neo-Geo home system. Apparently, there has been some disappointment among SNK fans, because the game doesn't look as good as Capcom's and because game-play has been considered to be a bit generic.

Moreover, the characters roster has left a few people cold, since many characters seem to have too many alternates (like Ken, Dan, Mr. Karate etc). Personally, I think that these critics are mostly legitimate although SVC has a number of things going for it.

Graphically, the Neo-Geo hardware has a hard time to keep up with the Naomi board (basically a Dreamcast) on which Capcom's games were developed. This means that SVC looks less colorful and more pixellated, at least at first glance. Despite these apparent flaws, once you see the game in motion, things get MUCH better. Not only the game is blazing fast, but characters have plenty of frames of animation. It is hard not to admire the work put into each character's move! Fights look smooth and spectacular and the redesigned Capcom characters, SNK-style look amazing.

One of my all time favorite characters, Demitri, (Vampire Hunter/ Vampire Savior) actually looks much better than he ever did in Capcom's games. He looks bigger, meaner and smoother! This is also true for other characters as well.

Some surprising characters have been included like Athena (from a 1986 SNK platformer), Red Arremer (from the classic Ghosts'n'Goblins series), Zero (Megaman), Mars People (the Martian from Metal Slug), Tabasa (from Red Earth which is an obscure Capcom CPS3 fighting game)...

Of course many other expected characters show up from more popular series such as Street Fighter 2, King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, Art Of Fighting, Samurai Shodown and Final Fight! Backgrounds are varied and work well although they tend to be empty (no people screaming / moving around), and lack depth (sometimes, they don't even have 1 layer of parallax scrolling). Also, it seems they aren't very extended meaning that the playing area feels a bit "narrow".

I found SVC game-play to be entertaining: not only the game feels fast, but controls are tight and responsive while special moves aren't hard to pull off even with the dreadful PS2 pad.

As of special moves, there are a certain number of them. The most powerful one is called "exceed" and it is possible to perform it when your life meter starts flashing red. You can do it only once per match though! You also have a super meter that refills by attacking enemies. Basically it has 3 levels and drains up when you perform super moves.

Demitri has one of the coolest special moves in the entire game: the Midnight Bliss. He basically grabs the opposing characters and turns him into a girl (if he is facing a male character) or into a sexier version (if he is facing a girl)!

Hidden characters such as Athena or Red Arremer have amazingly cool and powerful special moves (that remind me of Vampire Hunter's game-play).

In particular, Red Arremer can summon zombies and witches from the GnG universe!

All in all SVC might be a disappointment to players who were expecting the ultimate SNK 2D fighter because under many aspects, it falls a bit short of expectations. I personally found the game to be really entertaining and enjoyable though, despite the fact that it might feel slightly obsolete compared to Capcom's VS games.

If you don't mind the fact that SVC is based on the Neo-Geo hardware, go for it and you won't be disappointed! Where else can you summon GnG's zombies and witches in a fight to help you out?!

Bottom line: in my opinion, it is better than capcom's own attempts at the VS series. 9/10











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