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Silent Hill 2

version: jp - year: 2001 - developer: konami - publisher: konami - format: playstation 2, dvdrom - condition: mint - rarity: common

English option (dialogues and subtitles) in the japanese version.


The character design is very pleasant


What horrors await in Silent Hill?


Locales such as this one give you a hint that something might have gone wrong in the peaceful suburban Silent Hill


The mist severely limits your field of vision


SH2 is often too dark. Luckily, your flash light will partly remedy to that but monsters will be more likely to attack you


SH2 guide book


Review - I am no Silent Hill veteran as this is the first game of the series I ever played.

Silent Hill 2 (SH2) is an action adventure game in which you will be playing as the lead character James who receives a letter from his wife, who had been dead for 3 years. James, driven by the obsession to find his wife, drives into a provincial town (Silent Hill) somewhere in the US countryside by a lake where the couple had gone on vacation before. As James gets in the town, it becomes immediately clear that something had gone wrong in this part of the world. There is an unnatural silence surrounding the place, interrupted by creepy, unearthly sounds. Everything seems to have been abandoned and time seems to have stopped its race. And the mist. It is everywhere and menacingly surrounds you, severely limiting your vision as you walk around, unarmed.

It wouldn't be correct to call SH2 a mere Resident Evil clone because it is not. The emphasis is put more on puzzle solving situations and less on combat. Don't get me wrong though, because combat still has a vital role in this game.

What really sets apart SH2 from the rest of the "Survival Horror" clones is the atmosphere generated by the game. The purposefully grainy graphics, the nerve-wrecking sounds, the very weird people you'll meet and blasphemous monstrosities you'll fight all contribute to set SH2 apart from the rest of the crowd. It really never happened to me before to get so scared while playing a videogame. There is something "sick" about SH2 that really makes the game a disturbing experience. The game digs into the most profound and obscure recesses of the human psyche and confront the player with them. I never felt as lonely, helpless and scared as when I played this game! (and probably the amount of times I saved my game proves that point...)

SH2 graphics are fine without being extraordinary though. I thought they could have looked clearer as jaggies and pixellization often show their ugly face. Also, the camera is somewhat sluggish and doesn't follow the player fast enough in my opinion. Aside from that, it must be noted that the game's locales are nicely done and the attention to detail contributes to recreate a sense of constant tension. Blood trails on the walls and the ceiling, degraded bathrooms, rotting furniture and stale locales all look very convincing and genuinely unsettling.

Also, it is worth mentioning the CGs sequences that serve to advance the story. They are very well done and represent one of the strong points of the game.

The sound-effects also play a major role in strengthening a sense of urge and danger. You never feel safe when playing this game. Anything could happen anytime...

Game-play is satisfactory, given that you like solving puzzles though. I mainly enjoyed SH2 for the story and the characters development as I usually don't care about puzzles. Combat also plays a part in SH2 although it could have been implemented better. James is sometimes too slow to respond, but keep in mind that your enemies won't be very fast either.

All in all, SH2 is a very good game that will most certainly put your nerves to a serious test!

Bottom line: technically unimpressive but the atmosphere this game radiates is almost without equivalents. 9/10











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