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Raging Bless aka Raging Blade

version: jp - year: 2002 - developer: pccw - publisher: pccw - format: playstation 2, dvdrom - condition: mint - rarity: slight


Review - Raging Bless is an excellent 3D fantasy beat'em up. It is maybe the first decent atttempt at cloning Golden Axe and bring it to 3D.

Graphically, PCCW's effort is convincing. There are no evident glitches in the game engine and everything is very smooth in the 2 players mode (I haven't tried the 4 players mode since I have no multitap). The characters are well designed and are different enough one from the other. Enemies are varied and not excessively dumb.

There are 5 long levels to be completed and each offer some peculiar settings. On the bad side, magic attacks don't have a particularly strong graphical impact. Nothing like magic attacks in Golden Axe for example!

The music and sound-effects do their part convincingly and the narrator tries desperately to bring the attention on what he says rather than on the terrible subtitles :)

Gameplay is excellent. There is a decent amout of moves / combos / magic attacks that can be done but unfortunately, magic items have a very short effect. In conclusion, this game has not been very publicized but it is certainly worth playing since it is nicely crafted, and has a decent life span.

If you are looking for some hack'n'slash action à la Golden Axe, this game will certainly fill the gap with ease!

Bottom line: solid 3D golden Axe clone. 7/10











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