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R-Type Final

version: jp - year: 2003 - developer: irem - publisher: irem - format: playstation 2, dvdrom - condition: mint - rarity: slight


The amazing liquid-boss in level one reminded me of the alien race in the movie "the Abyss"


The final embrace...













Review - According to producer and director of the game Kazuma Kujo, R-type Final should be the last game in the series but it is not clear if encouraging sales might push Irem to reconsider that claim...

Aside from this, R-Type Final does have all of the requirements to be considered the ideal closing chapter of this epic saga though. Not only impressive figures such as 100 selectable ships and 16 stages (including all the variations available) are testimony of the effort Irem put into it, but Final probably has the best audio/visual presentation of any game in the series since the original R-type game.

This is visible right from the start since the intro is in itself definitely attractive. The graphics feature 3D backgrounds but gameplay remains strictly two-dimensional. The stages are varied, and extremely impressive. Transparencies, smoke, rain, sunlight effects make their appearance and give to the game an unprecedented level of visual splendor.

In the 3rd stage, you will be battling a huge mother-ship (reminiscent of the 1st R-type) that is menacingly flying over a city of our planet. Upon receiving damage, it will break up and huge metallic pieces will either disintegrate in countless little particles or will drop down over the tiny streets or buildings. Here, the action is complemented by a very powerful soundtrack that conveys the idea of a slow-paced battle against a heavy metallic titan that you have to methodically demolish bit after bit.

Another great moment is when you enter "26-dimensional way" which is some sort of black hole passage way where everything appears distorted. The PS2 hardware is squeezed to deliver the ultimate possible visuals in what I believe is one of the greatest graphical achievement on the console. In this stage, the boss has the ability to warp space in its favor by using some sort of laser field and on normal mode, it is one of the toughest bosses in the game.

In the final level, some amazing liquid-like effect makes up the background and modifies according to your ship's movement. And when you think you have seen it all, the pinnacle of Final's artistic touch manifests itself in the form of 2 silhouettes that emerge from the liquid background. A man and a women that seem to salute you as you pass by them for the final battle. As you leave them behind, you notice they are hugging each other in what appears to be the only comfort they can get before putting their remaining hope (and that of the human race) in your hands.

This is to say that R-type Final is actually more than just a shooter. It is executed with such artistic finesse that it deserves to be elevated to the 'experience' realm.

As I mentioned before, the music is particularly well done, and goes hand in hand with the visual excesses of the game. It often creates a soothing, surreal atmosphere that complements the graphics in the best possible way. Gameplay, this time around has been designed to please a wider array of gamers since 5 difficulty settings are now available, making this game the most accessible R-type ever.

Bottom line: Without a doubt, R-type Final represents indeed the "Grand Final" that Irem had in mind. As a side-scrolling shooter, it's among the best you can find anywhere. 9,5/10










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