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Onimusha 2

version: jp - year: 2002 - developer: capcom - publisher: capcom - format: playstation 2, dvd - condition: mint - rarity: common


Slashing enemies is very rewarding and finishing them off when they are on the ground is even better!














Review - Onimusha 2 is a typical sequel, Capcom style.

What I mean is that you can expect all of the ingredients of the first chapter to be back for this sequel. Yes, the game still plays like Resident Evil with its awkward control system and of course the magic gauntlet that sucks in the souls of the defeated enemies is back as well. The more souls you collect, the faster you can upgrade your weapons and believe me: you will definitely want to upgrade!

The graphics still incorporate pre-rendered backgrounds with 3D characters while the camera angle is fixed. Of course, this makes for a cool cinematic feel but it also entails a series of annoyances related to fixed cameras. At times, you won't be able to see your enemies and this can create some problems. The story unfolds both through in-game scenes and wonderfully executed CGI that are up there with Square Enix's mega-productions for their quality.

The music and sound effects are appropriate even if there isn't the option to toggle dialogues in English like there was in the 1st game. Be warned then: if you plan on playing the japanese version (like I did) you will need some kind of faq to figure out some of the stuff cause there isn't a single word in English! According to the rolling credits at the end, dialogues have been recorded in Tokyo by...Sextasy Studio! Now that is really a funny name for a Studio and it makes me wonder about the kind of dialogues they usually record :)

Gameplay hasn't progressed much since the prequel and this is kind of a shame. The story branches out in different directions according to your actions (minor deviations) and you have a network of friends to take care of. If you give them gifts that they like, they will reward you and they will unlock alternative paths where it will be actually possible to control them. Aside from that, I would have hoped to see the control scheme enhanced but instead, it is virtually identical to that of Onimusha.

Considering that some of the bosses are very powerful and quick, hopefully your thumbs will quickly get adjusted to the digital pad stick (since analogue isn't used except for one minuscule scene) and to the Resident Evil-like cumbersome maneuvering. Specifically because of control issues, the game becomes unnecessarily hard at times. There is no need to worry about the difficulty though, since Capcom was kind enough to introduce an easy mode for players who get too much of a hard time.

Personally, I think that true Samurais do not need to chicken out and ought to themselves to play the game on Normal mode! On normal mode, the game puts up a decent challenge plus you'll be rewarded with tons of extras upon beating the game (not that I care too much about the extras though but some of the trailers are cool bonuses).

Bottom line: a nice sequel which manages to be on the same level of the first game. 8,5/10










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