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version: jp, limited edition - year: 2005 - developer: cave - publisher: taito - format: playstation 2, dvdrom - condition: mint - rarity: hard to find

The limited edition comes with this little plastic figure and a cardboard outer box


A rare bullet-free moment...
when in trouble, rain smart bombs liek there is no tomorrow
Typical Cave bullet patterns at work...
The spread attack
Gorgeous artwork!

Review - Mushihimesama is clearly a Cave production.

Everything you've come to expect from their shooters has made it here from the beautifully intricate 2D graphics to the hectic bullet hell gameplay.

The focus is once more on the scoring system which consists of picking up as many crystals as possible but there is more to it although I didn't quiet figure it out because it's so damn obscure…

Graphically, Mushihimesama is certainly interesting with its floral theme rich in details and colors. The 2D characterization is unrivalled but I should point out that for some reason, the game doesn't look particularly crisp. It almost seems as if the graphics were slightly out-of-focus and this certainly doesn't help especially when navigating through thick bullet patterns.

There are several playing modes which slightly differ from each other but the most noteworthy is the Arrange mode, which makes you start-off fully powered up and which automatically detonates smart bombs for you when you're about to get killed by a bullet. This mode is specific to the PS2 and it only provides you with…1 credit! The Arrange mode is maybe the best feature, as it makes the challenge of trying to go through the game on 1 credit more manageable…

It's undeniable that the direction which modern shooters took is definitely hardcore. This game is not for casual gamers or even casual shmuppers since it probably incarnates the quintessence of manic shooters.

Although I recognize this as being a quality product, I came to realize that I don't really enjoy Cave productions much because they are becoming too extreme in following the path of bullet hell / manic shmups. It's undeniable though that if you like this genre, you'll want to get Mushihimesama and play it to death.

Bottom line: bullet hell till you die. 8/10










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