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Maximo Vs Army of Zin

version: jp - year: 2003 - developer: capcom - publisher: capcom - format: playstation 2, dvdrom - condition: mint - rarity: slight












Review - Maximo Vs Army of Zin is a decent sequel to one of the better 3D platform games out there.

Maximo's look is now older, the gameworld is somewhat darker and the enemies are varied, mean and will often outnumber you by far. In this game, you really do fight against an entire army of wicked robots and basically it is you vs technology turned evil.

As a 3D platformer, Maximo 2 is a worthy sequel and will provide some serious fun to diehard gamers and to new-comers alike.

On one hand, the difficulty level has been toned down compared to the 1st chapter since checkpoints are now scattered more generously across the levels.

On the other hand, boss fights are more difficult this time around and will require some effort to be successfully defeated.

I thought that the graphics were convincing but maybe the color palette could have been used in a better way. Levels have a "washed out" feel that isn't exactly great for conveying a feeling of burgeoning gaming universe.

The music and sound effects are appropriate and do their job just fine.

The camera works fine for most of the time even if occasionally it will get stuck into walls and leave you vulnerable for a few seconds but this doesn't happen often (plus it seems a very common problem in 3rd person action games).

Gameplay has remained faithful to the original Maximo even if combos have been upgraded and Maximo has now a variety of different attacks at his disposal. Items do play an important role too since it will be possible to buy different weapons, shields, boxers and useful stuff like additional magic bars etc.

In fact, if in the 1st chapter Maximo had to worry about Death itself, now it will be a useful ally to be summoned in the toughest situations. Having death by your side is a cool addition that introduces some slight gameplay changes especially for the last boss fight.

I particularly appreciated in this sequel the great CG scenes (I wish the game itself had this kind of graphic rendition though but this will maybe happen with the next hardware wave…), the English spoken dialogues (in the previous game they were in Japanese), the varied looks of the villagers and the fact you have to protect them to gain coins or keys and the cleverly positioned platforms that push the player to attempt the most daring jumps!

All in all, Maximo 2 is a very nice sequel with entertaining gameplay even if pretty conservative. If you enjoyed the 1st game, you will probably enjoy this sequel. As of me, I am already waiting for the next chapter :)

Bottom line: almost as good as the first one but it could have been more original. 8,5/10










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