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Jojo's Bizarre Adventures

version: jp - year: 2002 - developer: capcom - publisher: capcom - format: playstation 2, dvdrom - condition: mint - rarity: slight












Review - After developing a 2D fighting game on Dreamcast and playstation, Capcom is back with the Jojo licence but this time on PS2.

" Le Bizzarre avventure di Giogio V" as the manual recites in Italian is a cell shaded action game set in Italy. Locales in Rome, Naples, Venice etc are faithfully and nicely reproduced.

The graphics are very cartoony while cutscenes unfold in a highly original comic strip format. I can't comment on the story because spoken dialogues and subtitles are in Japanese.

The music and soundeffects are nicely done while dialogues seem to be convincing (even if I honestly didn't get a damn thing!).

Gameplay is stuctured around boss fights, with a twist. Each encounter will have you fight against familiar faces from the comic book and in some situations, you will have to understand what to do beside kicking and punching to come out victorious. Unfortunatley, in some occasions, the game will stop beeing fun alltogether to let frustration loose. I am referring in particular to some areas where your controls will be reversed... Who told Capcom that this would be actually fun I wonder?

Aside from this, I must say that beeing able to summon your fighting spirit is always fun and adds some strategy to the confrontations since your spirit meter will temporarily deplete itself after continous use.

On a final note, while looking up the manual, I discovered how ridiculous the characters name are in this game. Stuff like Pannacotta Fugo and Leone Abbacchio among others is just too much to take even for somebody who just started learning Italian. It's like the names have been chosen randomly by looking at the menu in some italian restaurant...Would you dare play a game where the main heroes have names like "Cream Pie" or "Roasted Lamb"?

Bottom line: beautiful cell-shaded action game based on the Jojo manga. 7/10










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