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Harmful Park [High-brow Gag & Pure Shooting]

version: jp - year: 1997 - developer: sky think system - publisher: sky think system - format: playstation, cdrom - condition: mint - rarity: hard to find


2D graphics at their best


Levels are crowded with details and look like live-paintings


In the background notice the hippo trying to swallow whole a worried fairy


As you break into the church, you witness a funny little scene...


Trees and other assorted furniture prove hard to digest even for a whale apparently


Battle this sexy teen for a surprise!


Aliens landed on the planet and abducted a...cow (it's hard to see but it's there!)


Even Gulliver shows up in the game


The evil king, at last!


The score attack mode includes an exclusive and challenging level. Worth playing through!


Sky Circuit is the best mini-game and it features as many as 6 distinct tracks

Review - Take Parodius, mix it with a touch of Cotton and Keio Flying Squadron and you approximately get Harmful Park.

That would be the lazy way to describe this game. Another way would be to say that Harmful Park is a parodic approach at 2d side-scrolling shooters with unprecedented visuals, happening on your Playstation!

The kaleidoscopical color palette which characterizes the busy levels make the game look like a live color-painting. The level of detail in the backgrounds is so rich that you'll often won't know what to look at while playing! The crazy humor which permeates Harmful Park will more than once put a smile on your lips also because on the default difficulty (easy), you won't be challenged much (rest assured though because if you want to be challenged you'll be able to pick among 4 difficulty settings).

The developers obviously wanted the player to have a chance to actually notice all the little gags and details they put into the game. Maybe the most hilarious part is when you fly into a church in which a wedding is taking place. All of a sudden, a man walks in and steals the girl from the guy who was supposed to get married! This little scene will be happening while you'll be battling a mid-level boss…

As you probably understood by now, Harmful Park is an extravagant shooter with an amazing audio-visual flair and entertaining gameplay. Even the weapon system (you can choose among 4 types of weapons at any time during play) reflects the comedic nature of the game. Suffice to say that one of the weapons at your disposal will be a…pie-launcher!!

Also, there are 3 entertaining mini-games (Punch Ball, Sky Circuit and Tank Battle) which are technically very well done. Tank Battle is basically a remake of the historic game Combat but the best mini-game of the bunch is without any doubts Sky Circuit. Moreover, to wrap-up the exhaustive options this surprising game has to offer, there is a challenging score-attack mode based on a brand new level which could almost fit into Sengoku Blaede because of its feudal-Japan / sci-fi transformable bosses!

Here I would definitely advise to use the most powerful weapon in the game (that's right, it's that pie-launcher thing) that although pretty slow, it allows to get rid of most of the hard-to-kill enemies you'll come across.

To conclude, Harmful Park is a surprising little shooter, in the same vein as Parodius. If you like this kind of style, you definitely should give it a well deserved chance!

Bottom line: cute shooter with wonderful graphics and crazy bosses exclusive to playstation. 8/10










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