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Gun Survivor 3 Dino crisis

version: jp - year: 2002 - developer: capcom - publisher: capcom - format: dvdrom - condition: mint - rarity: slight
















Review - Deep space, a distant future 3 million years from now, a remote past 20 million years ago, time warps, dinosaurs, virtual reality, computers turned bad against mankind, a bad-ass WW2 pilot who happens to be like rambo, and a dumb blonde babe by his side...do I forget something?

Gun Survivor 3 (GS3) mixes all of the above ingredients to create the ultimate sci-fi tale...a tale that we would all have lived happily without...

Aside from corny story-telling, Gun Survivor 3 (GS3) is the sequel of one of the worse gun-shooting games on PS2. But, this time, Capcom outing is so much better that it is actually difficult to see any continuity between GS2 and GS3. The only thing left intact is the control system, which mixes on rail type of action, with FPS style shooting.

Graphically, GS3 is ok. Some stages are more impressive than others while at times, polygons and textures don't look very refined. Luckily, the dinosaurs' animations are convincing, and they do manage to convey a sense of terror in certain situations.

The sound-effects are also nice while voice acting is a bit above average for this type of game. It is certainly better than in House of the Dead 2 for example...I found the music to be appropriate but not memorable, aside from the ending theme, which is a cool mix of tribal and folkoristic bagpipes music (don't ask... but it's cool!)

Gameplay is way better than any of the previous installment in the series (I can't comment on GS4 since I never played it), although the Dino Crisis universe hasn't really been used for this game except for the Dino theme. On the weapons side, there are tons of different secondary weapons to choose from and they have pretty cool looking graphical effects too. But I had more fun when I was using the standard sniper rifle...sniping oblivious Dinos in the jungle is just an awesome experience!

By the way, GS3 uses each and every button on the GunCon2, and this may cause some desorientation at first...strafing and firing at the same time is not really easy to do...

Bottom line: a solid light-gun shooter with a cool dinos setting. 7/10










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