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70s Robot Anime: Geppy -X The Super Boosted Armor

version: jp - year: 1999 - developer: aroma - publisher: aroma - format: playstation, 4 cdrom - condition: mint - rarity: hard to find

The first 2D shooter on 4 CDs?


Dedicated to Robot Anime fans of the 1970-80s


Levels tend to be short, just like the game when you play it without cut-scenes


There are several hidden robots to unlock. Each has its own set of abilities


The main and secondary super shot are activated by keeping the button pressed R-Type-style


Review - Geppy-X is at the same time a tribute and a parody of the robot anime series of the 1970s-80s as it tries to recreate the same atmosphere.

At the core, this game is a side-scrolling 2D shooter with 3D bosses but in reality, the developers invested a lot of energy in recreating a universe which nostalgic fans who are now well into their 30s and 40s will instantly recognize.

If you grew up with Go Nagai's Great Mazinger, Grandizer (Goldrake) or Jeeg, you'll feel right at home here. The intro is in itself a tribute to these lost masterpieces of the past (even the forgotten Daltanious will come to mind to some of you!) and the game itself is structured into episodes with repeating opening and ending sequences and even previews of the next episode just as if you were watching the actual anime series in TV! Add to this the inclusion of hilarious GEPPY-X-related commercials (with action-figures, comic books and even shampoo and ketchup sauce merchandise) and pretty decent CG scenes to introduce every boss and you get a hell of a package which uses 4 CDs! That's a lot of CDs for a shooter…

Unfortunately, not everything is as good as it sounds because Geppy-X does have its share of flaws.

For one thing , levels tend to be too short and the robots you'll have to control tend to be a bit bulky, making it harder to dodge bullets.

Another thing I didn't like is the status bar which takes a quarter of the screen for no real reason…

The third and final thing I didn't like too much is that some of the cut-scenes are in great need of a few extra-frames of animations as they tend to be too static (but this might have been done on purpose, given the parodic nature of the game).

Despite these imperfections, Geppy-X is still a very nice little game. The cosmetics are definitely pleasant, bosses are truly impressive, imaginative and attack with a variety of moves while the music is also notable and it even includes Japanese singers!

In the end, I would say that Geppy-X manages to recreate perfectly the naïve times in which Japanese animation was in its infancy and managed to steel the hearts of an entire generation. To this same generation, I'd say to get this game without thinking twice about it. For all the others, I'm afraid Geppy-X might only represent another 2D shooter with obsolete anime cut-scenes…

Bottom line: different 2D shooter, exclusive to the playstation with tons of anime sequences. 7/10










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