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Gekioh Shooting King aka Shienryu

version: usa - year: 2002 - developer: warashi - publisher: natsume - format: playstation, cdrom - condition: mint - rarity: slight





Review - Excellent port of the arcades originakl with a few extra playing modes.

As I played through the game, I was amazed at the way the playstation hardware has been put to use. On one side, the game seems to be more colorful compared to the sega saturn version but on the other side, the game slows down when too many sprites are on screen.

Gameplay still flows though, so nothing to worry about.

On a final note, in order to appeal to mainstream players, continues are infinite, there are tons of extra modes of play and the game use to be sold new for 10 bucks in the US!

Bottom line: easier verion of Shienryu. 7/10










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