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Chaos Legion

version: jp - year: 2003 - developer: capcom - publisher: capcom - format: playstation 2, dvdrom - condition: mint - rarity: common

















Review - In a dark and lugubrious universe, gothic cathedrals stand triumphant and proud, testimony of the greatness of the Human world. But when the seal of the gates of chaos is faltering, and hideous crawling monstrosities rain from the crimson skies, humanity only hope resides in the strength and determination of Sieg Wahrheit, leader of hell-spawned Legions, avenger of humanity!

In a time similar to Medieval / Renaissance Europe, reality is divided into 3 worlds: the Middle World inhabited by the humans, the Celestial World and the Nether World inhabited by the souls of the dead, depending on their actions in life.

In this universe, Chaos Legion tells the story of eternal rivalry between Sieg Wahrheit and Victor Delacroix, a story that emphasizes on drama, typical to anime productions. Sieg has access to magical powers, manipulated through the accumulation of souls. Souls can, in turn, be used to summon deadly legions from the Nether World. And here is where the innovation comes in: as Sieg, you will have control over 6 different types of Legions, each with their respective characteristics. Earning experience points will allow you to upgrade your Legion skills.

A good strategy is to always equip 2 different legions in each stage so that you can reach the last stage better prepared.

Chaos Legion is a great Hack'n'Slash with incredible melee battles. Gameplay is somewhat similar to Crimson Sea but stages aren't mission based in here. This means that you will basically have to go from point A to point B in each stage and this can become repetitive if you are not a fan of the genre.

The graphics have a very nice gothic feel, even more so than Devil May Cry 2. The camera is "free" meaning that you can adjust it to suit your combat needs. I think that generally, backgrounds could have been more colorful but I guess that displaying hordes and hordes of characters at once proves to be a hard task for the Ps2 hardware. Actually, I ran into slowdown only once throughout the 14 stages so I guess the 3D engine is solid.

The music is a mix of symphonic orchestra, metal and some other influences and it gives to the game an extra punch. Just imagine slaying countless demons with the help of a huge sword and with your legions on the side, while an epic music similar to Carmina Burana is playing…Empowering!!

N.B. Upon finishing the game on Normal Mode, some extras will be unlocked such as the possibility to: toggle from Japanese to English, use a new additional Legion, play the great movie cut scenes in one big chunk or play the game as the alternate heroine, Arcia Rinslet. Nice!

Bottom line: Dark gothic hack'n slash, with style. 8,5/10










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