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Bokan Desuyo

version: jp - year: 1998 - developer: capcom - publisher: banpresto - format: banpresto - condition: near mint. w/o spine - rarity: uncommon








Review - Bokandesuyo is the Playstation-exclusive sequel of Time Bokan which was released on both Saturn and Playstation.

This sequel brings back all of the ingredients of the first game only marginally expanding on the graphics and gameplay. So you basically have colorful and cartoony graphics with huge bosses all over again although maybe levels tend to be even more colorful!

In particular, the space level is like a continuous stream of fireworks as it literally explodes with colors and enemy waves. Moreover, the awesome anime cut-scenes are back and have been expanded a lot although for some reason, they are not full screen this time around…

Also, now there are two playing modes (normal and special) which include different cut-scenes and in special mode, there is a really awesome extra level set in WWI.

On the gameplay side, everything will feel very familiar if you played the first game of the series although an extra level of power has been added to the smart bomb. Just activate it and keep it activated for a few seconds so that it becomes even more powerful. The drawback is that your ship will become slower making you an easier target!

In the end, this sequel is not particularly innovative and is really more of the same compared to Time Bokan. But “more of the same” can be a good thing sometimes and this is the case with this sequel!

The difficulty level is still kind of low but it's not often you can play “crazy” 2D vertical shooters like this one filled with references to robot anime series of the 1970s…

Bottom line: if you are familiar with Yatterman, then you know this game is for you. 7,5/10










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