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The Adventure Of Little Ralph

version: jp - year: 1999 - developer: new - publisher: new - format: playstation, cdrom - condition: near mint, w/o spine - rarity: very


This boss will seem pretty hard at 1st but once you find the trick he'll be quickly history! Egyptian History :)


In some boss fights, the SD graphical style gets dumped and the game suddenly turns into an awesome SF2 clone!









Review - I first heard about The Adventure of Little Ralph when a fellow collector and friend of mine signaled it to me (thanks Shou!). He was so enthusiastic about it that he convinced me he had found something special.

After some extensive research online, it became immediately apparent that the game wasn't known very much outside of Japan as very scarce info was available online. This fact intrigued me even more (this is the collector side of me talking hehe) and I tried my best to locate the game. When it finally surfaced, I was so happy and so curious to actually see it in motion.

The Adventure of Little Ralph has been developed by a little known company called NEW Corporation. It gathers the very best elements of Japanese platform games and it delivers beautiful graphics, excellent music and addictive game-play.

The cosmetics have been taken care of in the slightest details. The graphical style is "warm" and pleasant while the backgrounds are varied and well drawn.

All of this is accompanied by excellent music that fits each and every situation in the best possible way. At one point in the game, you'll be involved in a cart chase where you'll have to jump into the void from one cart to the next in something similar to a roller-coster ride while enemy fire and fireballs will literally give you no peace! The sense of urgency is then greatly reinforced by the bgm that fit the situation perfectly. I only have one small complaint about the graphics: I just thought the parallax layers were a bit jerky but this seems to be a very common problem in Japanese side-scrollers anyway.

Gameplay is where this game shines. It is so cleverly designed that it is addressed to newbies and veterans alike. You can choose to take the easiest path and never collect the fruits or you can try to uncover all of the hidden paths and collect all of the secret items. It is really up to you and this enhances the replay value of Ralph's quest.

Also, some of the boss fights switch to a 1 on 1 fight similar to Street Fighter 2 with special moves and all! Adventure of little Ralph can be easily defined as a lost treasure. It incorporates the best of old school gaming peppered with a modern approach at difficulty. For example, if you lose a continue and you are fighting a boss, you won't start over from the beginning of the game. Not being forced to replay the level over and over reduces to a minimum the frustration factor. You replay the level only if you chose to do so.

Buried under a sea of unpolished 3D games, there always seems to be gems that went unseen and unheard of on Playstation. The word must spread so that these gems can shine brighter than the Toshindens, the Ridge Racers and the Crash Bandicoot that today remain the only titles that people think of when they recollect about their "old" Playstation.

Bottom line: retro cute platformer with a modern approach at difficulty. Highly recommended! 8/10










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