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Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution

version: jp - year: 2003 - developer: sega - publisher: sega - format: playstation 2, dvdrom - condition: mint - rarity: common


















Review - Virtua Fighter has undeniably created a new genre when it hit the arcade market with a bang.

It started a "virtua revolution" since before it, fighters were strictly two dimensional. Capcom and SNK, which were at the time the undisputed kings of the fighting arena suddenly found themselves in the uncomfortable position of not being trend setters anymore, but rather mere trend followers.

Attempts such as the Street Fighter EX spin-offs and the quickly forgotten Samurai 64 and the likes couldn't even dent the new wave of 3D heavy-weights fighting games. Street Fighter and King of Fighters continued to fight for dominance in the many years that came after, but only to control what has become a "niche" market mostly made of hardcore fans.

In the meantime, Sega with its Virtua Fighter series, Namco with its Tekken and Soul Edge series and later on, Tecmo with Dead or Alive created a new order in which they were the new ruling dynasties. I have always been a fan of Namco's Tekken (and Soul Edge saga) even if I occasionally played Both Virtua Fighter 1 and 2.

I always considered VF gameplay to be excessively focused on realism. I could never understand why it was necessary to execute very hard combos only to have what appeared to be a modest result on screen. To give a slightly different punch or kick than standard often required wrist-spraining combos.

In this respect, little has changed in VF4 or VF4evo (Evolution is basically VF4 with 2 new fighters and updated graphics.) What changed though is the incredible overhaul of the graphics visible both in the beautiful backgrounds and the very nicely modeled characters who now have a much cooler look.

Moreover, the quest mode makes for an interesting variation that ensures a longer life span in the solo experience. Some said that with Virtua Fighter 4, Sega made the gameplay slightly more similar to Tekken but I still feel that the 2 games belong to two entirely distinct schools. Virtua Fighter 4 didn't convert me to its school but it is certainly worth the budget price it is now sold for.

Bottom line: a solid contender for best PS2 3D fighting game. 8,5/10










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