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Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception

version: pal (de), explorer edition - year: 2011 - developer: naughty dog - publisher: sony computer entertainment - format: ps3, blu-ray - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

The limited edition disc case is basically Nathan's Diary with drawings and all!


The Explorer edition comes with Nathan's figure, a reproduction of Nathan belt buckle and of his ring, a 3D postcard and some DLCs. The German version is playable in English and in many other European languages, as is standard for the majority of PS3 games which can use the blu-ray storage capacity.


Jumping around is intuitive and almost as easy as in Enslaved so you really have to try hard to miss a ledge


Fire is beautifully done


This time around, punches and kicks play a bigger role


Enemies seem to come out of a James Bond movie


The Cargo Plane level is one of the highlights


as is the desert...


...although you can only navigate a very small portion of it


The downed cargo plane


Victor Sullivan is actually an interesting character as you'll discover what Drake's relation with him truly is (and no, they are not homosexual...)

Review - There is a funny thing about trilogies: often, the best chapter is the second one. Is that also true for the Uncharted series? Let’s have a look at this third iteration first.

Graphically, Uncharted 3 is at least as good as the second episode , although it doesn’t up the bar exponentially. You do have different environments which are new and surely look breathtaking such as the desert which is probably the best looking desert in video games you’ll probably see for some time.

There are a few other glorious graphical peaks such as the forest in France or the cargo plane level and it is safe to say that Uncharted pushes the PS3 technical boundaries as much as God of War III.

Character models are also nicely detailed and animated while the quality of the acting is again a true highlight which makes the experience feel like a super polished Hollywood production.

Gameplay this time revolves less on pure shooting and more on brawls and breath-taking chases and escapes. This has the effect of making the playing experience more varied although I do think that story-wise, Uncharted 3 is a bit inferior compared to its prequel.

Also, the enemies A.I. is sometimes disappointing, with enemies often randomly taking cover yet staying in plain sight waiting to get shot till they look like meatballs!

Bottom line: Uncharted 3 represents one of the most polished games of this generation and it would be a mistake to miss it. 9/10










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