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Thunder Force VI

version: jp - year: 2008 - developer: sega - publisher: sega - format: ps2, dvd - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

Review - Somewhat of an icon among shooter fans, the legendary Thunder Force series whose origins are lost in the obscure land of early Japanese computer systems such as the Sharp X1 or the exotic Fujitsu FM-7 is back finally released by Sega on PS2.

That Sega quiet never recovered after abandoning the hardware Business is a sad fact which can be gauged by playing some of their post-Dreamcast releases which have consistently under-delivered. Not so with Thunder Force VI though which looks and plays like a pumped up Dreamcast shooter displayed through a VGA box!

Rarely the PS2 has managed to deliver such sharp graphics, free of jaggies and any other compromising imperfections which often plague PS2 games.

The slick futuristic look of TFVI coupled with the heavy metal score and the fast gameplay make it one of the best shooters not only on PS2 but on any consoles.

Bottom line: The only reason to miss this one out? Hold on a second, there is none!!! 9/10










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