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version: jp - year: 2006 - developer: cave - publisher: taito - format: ps2, dvd - condition: mint - rarity: hard to find

Along with Mushihime Sama, Ibara is a decent port from the arcade but not flawless


Ibara definitely plays better in Tate mode


Battle Garegga anyone?!


The mix bewteen old and new technology is great


Review - Underpowered conversion of the coin op, the only redeeming quality being the inclusion of an extra mode called Arrange.

Arrange mode introduces some relevant changes in the gameplay , such as a character-select option, the ability to keep collected weapons and cycle through them anytime and the possibility to change the colors of bullets to minimize visibility issues.

Still, the PS2 port is plugged by graphical imperfections such a distortions and blur which in a game as hectic as Ibara is a major fault.

Interestingly, the price of Ibara for PS2 skyrocketed in the past year because the game had a low production run and never had a budget rerelease.

Bottom line: a decent yet imperfect port, definitely not as good as the latest cave ports on Xbox 360. 7,5/10










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