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God of War

version: usa - year: 2005 - developer: sce studios santa monica - publisher: sce - format: ps2, dvd - condition: mint - rarity: common

I played this PS2 version selecting the Wide Screen option, although my TV apparently didn't support progressive scan. Played through an RGB scart cable, it looked ok, although the remastered PS3 version hooked up via HDMI should look way clearer...


In japan, the game was released by Capcom. Surprisingly, this version could be censored despite the 18 years rating! I will try this one out if I ever find some extra time.


Ripping heads off is always satisfying...


...just like smashing them repeatedly on the floor.


How about using them as antiquity flash lights? In God of War, it works ;)


Killing civilians actually gives health in this game...


Think you are safe while climbing a steep wall?It is more crowded there than on the bus!


What is this desperate guy trying to do? Maybe he wants to lift Kratos skirt before dying?


Puzzles are very inspired in this first game.


The combat system is not as smooth as the sequel, for obvious reasons, but it remains impressive.

Review - In this first chapter which came out on the venerable PS2 hardware back in 2005, the player is introduced to the story of Kratos himself and his transformation from a valiant Spartan captain to a blood-thirsty war machine.

God of War seamlessly mixes different genres: the backbone is hack’n’slash action, on which are added elements of platforming and puzzle solving. Everything in then wrapped up into an interesting story told through in game cut-scenes which can either use the 3D game engine or super high quality CGI movies.

The combat system is smooth, much smoother than anything available at the time on console, and the variety of attacks and moves make the game a real pleasure to play. The addition of gore gives to the combat an extra layer of realism and is very satisfying, especially after a stressful day spent at work or stuck into a traffic jam!

Quick-Time-Events (QTEs) often pop up in order to give to enemies their final blows.

There aren’t actually many bosses in this first adventure of Kratos, but they are pretty big, intimidating and require a creative approach to figure out their pattern.

The final stretch of the game consisting of a series of final battles is also rather tough, and I would say it hits a difficulty spike that the other games in the series would hardly ever reach, at least on “normal” mode.

Bottom line: In the end, despite its age God Of War still plays like a charm. It certainly took a few blows technically though, so if you have a choice, go for the re-mastered version instead of playing this original version. 9/10










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