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God of War II

version: usa - year: 2007 - developer: sce studios santa monica - publisher: sce - format: ps2, dvd - condition: mint - rarity: common

GoW II is the best hack'n'slash on PS2.

Jp GoWII Art Book. Really good full color artwork.

The game starts out with an imposing boss fight...


...and sets immediately the standard for the rest of the game.


Kratos, the eye collector...


Move around ceilings and walls like a spider


backgrounds have been significantly improved over the first game. Settings also look more Greek-like and are beautifully sun-drenched. Ahh the mediterranean...


Another amazing moment...


Many new weapons are introduced, like this uber powerful hammer. Unfortunately, you cannot roll when it is equipped.


Guess where our favorite spartan is in this shot?


Perseus is a stylish boss although I am not exactly sure the shorts he is wearing are historically accurate. But whatever.


Review - God Of War II does the unthinkable.

It takes one of the best PS2 era games, and manages to better it in such ways you’ll wonder how it was even possible to achieve such a level of quality.

Graphically, this sequel looks significantly improved over the first game. Kratos animations are way smoother, allowing for deadly combos to be performed with greater fluidity.

Backgrounds also look way better, with more detail, more colors and more variety, while bosses have increased in size and numbers to jaw-dropping levels!

God Of War II also introduces spectacular flying scenes with Pegasus and a cool gliding ability through the use of the wings of Icarus.

The action is relentless and really, SCE Studios Santa Monica was able to pull off a miracle here. The focus this time is less on cut-scenes and more on pure pumping adrenaline-action!

Bottom line: God Of War II took the series to where it belongs: the heavens of gaming. It really represents the game that brought this glorious series to maturity. A masterpiece.10/10










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