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Cho-Aniki Legend of the Holy Protein

version: jp - year: 2003 - developer(s): psikyo, x-nauts - publisher: global A - format: playstation 2, dvd - condition: near mint - rarity: uncommon

Bosses are a weird assortment of desperate cases


Alice in wonderland with a moustache is also invited to the party...


...and she holds a special surprise!


Adam and his bath-tub are back in case you were wondering

Review - Developed by Psikyo and X-Nauts (previous work Sengoku Cannon), Cho-Aniki for PS2 is the first game of the series which had no involvement from Masaya. As a result, the game feels is a bit different although the crazy humor (trademark of this series) is back along with one of the most unique and awesome soundtracks I heard in recent memory.

Obviously, by looking at the screenshots, you’ll have realized by now that there is a catch to all of this: the graphics.

In some levels (like the one set in the Mine for example), the graphics are so beyond bad it looks like they were literally put together by a 3 years old with Microsoft Paint! I am unsure as to why this is or how it happened, but it did. Maybe the developers did this on purpose but I somehow doubt it…

Luckily some of the latter levels look a lot better (like the forest level) but overall, I would say that Cho Aniki on PS2 is one ugly bastard.

Gameplay is where things get interesting though, as you’ll be basically controlling some kind of star-shaped being (is that the holy protein??) while Samson and Adon (the two bald body builders) will work as satellites.

One of the coolest thing of this game is that by furiously circling the right analogue stick , you’ll fill a super weapon meter or Man-Beam and by pressing the right stick, you'll unleash what looks like a huge and powerful man's orgasm!

Although horribly designed, bosses prove to be interesting to fight as they do have recognizable patterns and require some skill and a little bit of memorization to get past them. They range from a huge lizard with a human head inside its mouth to the usual half-naked male dancers, and a variety of other hard to describe wackos which will often spray bullet showers out of their...ass?! (and this is no joke...)

On a slightly saner level, one boss that I found really cool is a painter who draws bosses on his canvas who then come to life and attack you. The idea is good and the fight is entertaining all along.

It’s better to pay attention to all of the bosses patterns, as in the final stage, before fighting the last boss, the programmers sadistically decided that you'll have to defeat all of the previous bosses again, in a row this time and in pure old school madness!

My Advice to make it through? Stock up on smart bombs throughout the game and use them for the boss marathon, while trying to keep at least 3 for the final boss...

Bottom line: To wrap it up, I believe that if you can get past the objective ugliness of this game, you may find a nicely balanced and moderately fun PS2 side-scrolling shooter with out-of-this-world music and a unique atmosphere. 6,5/10










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