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Brain Dead 13

version: usa - year: 1996 - developer: readysoft - publisher: readysoft - format: playstation, 2 cdroms - condition: good - rarity: hard to find

Review - A parody of sort of Dragon's Lair and Space Ace, Brain Dead 13 was released on almost all CD-Rom-based systems of the time ranging from the PC and Mac to the Sega Saturn, the Jaguar CD, the Philips CDI and the 3DO.

As far as interactive type games go, Brain Dead 13 ticks basically all boxes. The hand-drawn graphics are nicely drawn, the dialogues are generally entertaining, characters are interesting and death scenes are super violent and also very fun to look at.

Compared to other games of this type, Brain Dead 13 grants to the player more freedom, in the sense that there are multiple paths which can be taken. This exploration element allows for more freedom, but can also become annoying due to never-ending loops when you are trying to find your way around.

Luckily, there are infinite continues so this somehow diminishes the frustration of getting killed while replaying the same bits over and over.

Of all versions available, this PS version should be the one with the better video quality along with the CDI version, while the Jaguar CD version is the rarest, but suffers from pixellated graphics, just like the Saturn version.

Bottom line: Enjoyable Dragon's Lair parody with an interesting exploration twist. 7,5/10










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