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Sengoku 3 aka Sengoku 2001

version: usa - year: 2001 - developer: noise factory - publisher: snk - format: neo-geo home system, 364 mbit cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: very


Noise Factory isn't new to side-scrolling fighters as Gaia Crusader testifies


Tapping down on your stick twice and pressing A or B will let loose your character specials but at a cost: your spirtual meter (Blu) will decrease. When desperate, use your Ultimate Ninja Art. It is slighlty harder to perform but it is devastating


Levels will take you from China to Italy and Brazil among other locations


Medieval fighters in the XXIst century? Why not :)



Review - It took about 8 years to see a sequel of Sengoku, a series which probably didn't prove as popular as other better established snk franchises.

In the end, Sengoku 3 was developed by Noise Factory. Are there any similarities left with the previous SNK-developed prequels?

At first glance, the core of the gameplay remained the same but what is missing is the cool time-traveling feature that characterized the prequels. This means that gameplay isn't as varied as you will be facing similar levels throughout the whole quest.

This can become a bit repetitive but luckily, Sengoku 3 has a number of powerful and cool-looking special moves that will allow you to get rid of your enemies in many fun and different ways. Trying to perform special moves will distract you from the linearity of the level design which isn't as inspired as the other Sengoku games.

To Sengoku 3's advantage, I must say that sword-fighting and punching / kicking are flawlessly integrated with one another. This means that either by using your weapon or by using your bare fists and feet, you will be able to be as effective.

Graphically, Sengoku 3 has average backgrounds some of which feature generic digitized pictures that don't look that hot. On the contrary, character design is among the best I have ever seen. Also, sprites are incredibly detailed and sport an impressive amount of frames of animations!

The music and sound effects are really well implemented. They are so good that you will actually notice them even when totally absorbed in furious combat.

To conclude, Sengoku 3 marks (to a certain degree) a departure from the series. Level design doesn't feel as inspired anymore, but character design and the array of moves at your disposal have been much enhanced.

Note: Sengoku 3 was the last official SNK release as all of the subsequent Neo-Geo games have been published by SNK Playmore. The US AES release of Sengoku 3 was limited to only 500 copies so it can be considered to be very rare.

Bottom line: a decent closing chapter, and one of the rarest games in the neo-geo library. 7/10










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