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Samurai Spirits Zero aka Samurai Shodown V

version: jp - year: 2003 - developer: yuki enterprise- publisher: snk playmore - format: neo-geo home system, 708 mbit cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon


The new levels are gorgeous


Characters are huge and have tons of frames of animations


Inexplicably, the story mode is only present when selecting Japanese as the default language.


Mina Majikina is one of the coolest new entries. Use her to beat the last boss in no time!

Review - Samurai Spirits Zero was one of the last releases on SNK's Neo-Geo and the programmers attempted to close the series on a high note.

The game features an impressive amount of fighters although many are just clones. Also, some new characters joined to roster while others are still missing from the series but overall, what's available is good.

Graphically, some stages look much better than others and the uneven quality of the backgrounds is also reflected in the uneven quality of the characters' animations.

Generally speaking though, the graphics in this last chapter still look good although it becomes apparent that the limits of the hardware have been reached and that it can't offer graphics significantly improved over what has been seen throughout the series.

The quality music (a trademark of the Samurai Shodown saga) is back and it sounds as good as ever while gameplay will feel very familiar to players who already played the other installments.

In the end, Samurai Spirits Zero does a lot of things right although it isn't revolutionary in any way.

Bottom line: A beautiful swang song for the series on the aging Neo-Geo 16 bit hardware. 8/10











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