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Magician Lord

version: jp - year: 1990 - developer: adk - publisher: snk - format: neo-geo home system ( 46 mbit cartridge) , neo-geo cd (cdrom) - condition: mint - rarity: common

The CD version has a better sound quality but you''ll have to deal with loading time.



The 1st stage is a true graphical tour de force


Duck to avoid being hit!


Bosses always have 2 forms


You can transform into 6 different warriors. Challenging a boss when transformed will give you a much needed power boost


Levels are well designed and evocative


Gameplay gets harder and harder as you progress...

Review - This gothic platformer came out early in the Neo-Geo life but it immediately proved to all that the console was capable of displaying the best graphics in town.

Graphically, Magician Lord is a triumph of style and design. Backgrounds often feature beautiful layers of parallax scrolling, while the color palette is used to great effect with a contrast of bright and dark colors that appropiately set the mood and enhance the overall atmosphere.

Only the main character's animation could have used some additional frames but you won't notice it much because as soon as you'll start the game, you'll be probably struggling for survival hehe...

As of the music, the tunes are simply excellent along with nice, crystal-clear sampled speeches. Gameplays is...harder than trying to flap your ears backward while cooking dinner!

It took me a whole month of intense gaming to master it but after that, I got it down once and for all. Difficulty is high and respawning enemies do get irritating but your perseverance will be rewarded by a great gaming experience, punctuated by original elements (for a platformer) such as being able to power up and morph into different creatures with peculiar skills.

In a word, Magician Lord is the best action / platformer on Neo hardware and given the fact that the Neo-Geo doesn't have many games of this type, I would advise any Neo owner to give it a shot.

To me, Magician Lord is one of the best games of its kind on any platform and to this day, I still hope that the (forever) rumored sequel surfaces somewhere in playable form over the net...

Bottom line: tough yet playable dark fantasy action game with a unique atmosphere which will make you beg for mercy. 9/10











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