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Last Hope

version: region free, limited edition - year: 2007 - developer: ng:dev.team - publisher: ng:dev.team - format: neo-geo cd, cdrom - condition: mint - rarity: very

As little as 500 copies of Last Hope for NGCD were made. This is #362.





Review - Last Hope for Neo-Geo CD (NGCD) was released after the Neo-Geo AES cartridge and the Dreamcast first print and it comes only as a Limited Edition.

Although independently developed, Last Hope feels like a full-fledged official release, from the astounding quality of the packaging to the quality color manual in Japanese. Only a couple of minor things seem slightly odd: the spine card is a bit thick and the cover of the Cd has an “AES CD” label instead of the usual Neo-Geo CD logo.

Now, what sets this version aside from the original Neo-Geo cartridge and the Dreamcast version you might ask?

This NGCD version takes the Dreamcast mode, and further improves it by addressing a few collision detection issues which were present in a couple of levels, while it also adds an exclusive Action Mode, in which your ship is more powerful and faster, while enemies are slower.

What this means is that setting the difficulty level to Very Easy and selecting Action Mode will make this NGCD version by far the most accessible!

This shouldn't lead to think that Last Hope will become an easy game, because some memorization, skill and perseverance will still be required to see the game from start to finish.

The game also comes with a very nicely done extra PC-DVD, which includes Strategies & Tactics, Artwork, a SuperPlay on 1 life by German Player Plasmo and early videos of the predecessor of Last Hope on PC (which features incredible-looking all-new graphics) and Dreamcast.

To conclude, the new game mode, the fixed collision-detection and visibility issues and the extra DVD all contribute to make this version of Last Hope the best version available.

The extra DVD with its excellent content will be able to show the way to victory even to less skilled players. Personally, I finished Action Mode in very easy setting in 45 minutes this time around (even considering a 10 minutes pause for lunch ;)

Last Hope, as a last release on NGCD is a beautiful swan-song well deserved to the memory of a great console.

On a side note, loading times are extremely short on the Neo Geo CDZ and there are even the typical loading screens in between levels...a nice touch, thumbs up for NG: DEV.TEAM!!

Bottom line: although an unofficial release, Last Hope is easily comparable to the best shooters on Neo-Geo CD like Pulstar and Brikin'ger. 9/10










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