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Crossed Swords

version: pal (cart), jp (cd) - year: 1991 - developer: adk - publisher: snk - format: neo-geo home system ( 50 mbit cart), neo-geo cd (cdrom) - condition: mint - rarity: common

The neo-geo cd version is identical to the cartridge version except for the cd-quality soundtrack and the loading times.


That's your final destination...


...and this is your reward :)

Review - 3rd person fantasy hack'n'slash in which you control a see-through knight.

Gameplay is similar to Seibu Kaihatsu's coin-op Dynamite Duke (also ported on Mega Drive).

The fantasy theme is well done, with very nice looking 2D levels (the last one in particular) and big on-screen characters. Some stages even use scaling effects to simulate real 3D inside of corridors.

The music is perfectly fit and sounds very inspired while the sound effects are realistic.

Gameplay is very different from anything else on the neo-geo and I recommend it warmly if you are tired of yet another 2D fighting game.

It must be noted that the playing field is somewhat restricted though, limiting your options to parrying and evading enemies attacks and occasionally performing magic spells.

Bottom line: a different game for your neo-geo, with nice audio-visuals and original gameplay. 8/10











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