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Art of Fighting 3

version: jp, limited edition - year: 1996 - developer: snk - publisher: snk - format: neo-geo cd, cdrom - condition: near mint- rarity: uncommon

This is the outer box of the limited edition which comes with a hard-cover art book and Robert's coin ;)



AOF3 story rotates once more around Ryo and Robert


The last boss is certainly not as hard as traditional SNK bosses

Review - Out of all of the great SNK beat'em up series, Art of Fighting never really reached the popularity of Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown or King of Fighters although some of its key fighters such as Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia (among others) have always been present in the form of the Art of Fighting team in the various King of Fighters reiterations.

Art of Fighting 3 (AOF3) graphics look improved over the prequels in the sense that they are even more detailed, colorful and smooth and they retain the same big characters from the previous chapters.

The music is where this game definitely feels different. If you are expecting heavy metal tunes, or techno-style beats, you will be greatly surprised (or disappointed?) by what you will get in here...Jazz will be the only thing you will be listening to while fighting! I must say that at first, I didn't really like the contrast but then I got used to it and thought that the music gave to the fights a peculiar, classy atmosphere. In that sense, the closing theme was even better as sounds similar to the best Buddha Bar disco-lounge accompanied the credits roll.

Gameplay has remained faithful to the AOF saga, although now it is possible to hit characters while they are still on the ground. The spiritual meter is still there and it gets drained as you perform special moves. Of course, you can still replenish it by pressing down a button but this leaves you vulnerable to your opponent attacks (whose spiritual meter can be drained if you taunt him).

Bottom line: In conclusion, I would say that AOF3 closes the saga in an honorable way. It provides good fun and combines nicely done graphics with a peculiar sound theme. 8/10











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