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Andro Dunos

version: european - year: 1992 - developer: visco - publisher: snk - format: neo-geo home system , 34 mbit cartridge - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon



Andro Dunos was also released on MVS but not on CD


Keep the button pressed for...heard that before huh?!


The pulsating organic tissue is well done


Here, the boss is an entire city!




Damn, look who's driving! a red...blob?!

Review - Andro Dunos is not the name of a Greek soccer player but believe it or not, it's a side-scrolling shooter by Visco.

One of the few third party software houses that ever developed games on SNK's dream-machine, Visco didn't really break any new grounds with its offer on the system. Most of its games looked underwhelming as they didn't seem to take advantage of the power of the Neo-Geo and initially, Andro Dunos will seem to be another of Visco's typically generic productions. Given the almost chronic drought of shooters on NG though, Andro Dunos is a game worth checking and interestingly, it still held its value in time.

Graphically, this shooter is well done although it doesn't stand out particularly from the crowd. Sure, it looks very crisp, the parallax works well and at least in 1 player mode, the game doesn't slow down even in the most heated situations (forget about the irritating slow-down in Last Resort!). The scrolling is very smooth and the color palette is definitely well chosen but sometimes levels look a bit empty and would have benefited from additional detail. Generally, sprites tend to be small, although bosses more than compensate for that since they are fairly big and have a nice amount of detail.

The tunes that accompany the action are actually pretty catchy while sound-effects are convincing.

Andro Dunos' gameplay is unfortunately too generic for its own good. It is too similar to other shooters and the weapon system isn't particularly innovative. The two-buttons set up, (one button for shooting and for unleashing the super attack and the other button to toggle weapons) has been seen many times before. Despite this, Andro Dunos perfect difficulty curve manages to keep interest alive because you'll steadily make progress after every new attempt you make.

In the end, Andro Dunos is decent shooter, challenging but only occasionally inspired (the last level springs to mind, where after defeating a boss, you'll have to quickly fly out of its collapsing hideout!).

To conclude, I would get it but only after playing the other Neo-Geo shooters out there!!

On a side note, the home version has been well taken care of since the instruction manual includes a generous amount of nice art and even a 1 page comic strip that details the background of the "story", if such a thing exists in a shooter ;)

Bottom line: a nice little shooter exclusive to the Neo-Geo. Worth checking out. 7,5/10











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