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Earnest Evans

version: jp - year: 1991 - developer: wolfteam - publisher: wolfteam - format: mega-cd, cdrom - condition: mint - rarity: common

Released in the west only on cartridge


Your whip can be partially directed, Castlevania IV style


Cut-scenes are often pleasant ;)


Some stages have some inventive enemies


Crouching can be a real pain, as it requires useless and unnatural manipulations


Here, the background has a weird rotating effect, Nebulus style.


Yay, time to fly out of this nightmare of a game! hmmm maybe not yet..


Hey, feel like being naughty with me?!


Yes, whip me my dear!!


Here, our adventurous duo finds out about the nature of evil; a mystic pizza medalion or something...


Another cool looking enemy. Still pictures look much better than the game in motion though.


Bosses are sometimes fun to battle, like in this case.


You can collect alternate weapons such as rocks, a morning star and this weird voodoo wand although they are limited in number.


The swimming animation is simply non existent as you'll be rigid as a tree log


The last boss puts up a fierce fight...


I can't believe so many people worked on this pitiful game...

Review - The premises of this early mega-cd release were good: a green haired anime chick, a guy with a whip, the necronomicom or book of the dead and a world of mysteries and exotic places in which to go adventuring, Indiana style!

Well, for one thing, forget about whipping Anet cause she's not a playable character and for the rest, things have gone pretty badly...

The second game of Anet's trilogy, Earnest Evans, is by far the poorest! I don't know from where I should start…maybe I should tell you about the approximate collision detection? Or maybe I should entertain you with the wonders of the main character animations which are so ridiculous to watch and so slow I still have seizures thinking about them! Or maybe, you should be instructed on how easy it is to get stuck into the background graphics or right into enemies?!

Well, this was one of the first games to appear on Mega CD and it shows! The only redeeming qualities are the cut-scenes which look most of the time fine (although sometimes they look inexplicably amateurish) and the music which is atmospheric and overall well composed.

For the rest, I'm afraid that Earnest Evans is a painful gaming experience which is as fun as paying a bill. I just can't believe so many people worked on this pile of crap…Avoid.

Bottom line: early and forgettable action game...5/10










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