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Anet Futatabi aka Anet Again

version: jp - year: 1993 - developer: wolfteam - publisher: wolfteam - format: mega-cd, cdrom - condition: mint - rarity: hard to find


Find a safe spot where enemies can't get you and wait for your magic meter to fill up...


Levels are for the most part nicely detailed


The sexiest options screen ever


Cut-scenes are really great and deserve to be seen


Bosses aren't very hard if you take the time to figure out their patterns

Review - After El Viento and Earnest Evans, the third and final chapter of the trilogy brings back the lead character Anet in playable form and Earns in the cut-scenes.

While the other games were action / platformers, this last chapter turns into a side-scrolling fighter similar to Double Dragon.

Graphically, Anet Futatabi looks convincing. Backgrounds have a nice amount of detail, while the limited MD color palette is put to great use. Cut-scenes are really well drawn and certainly add to the package. They are fully voiced, but in Japanese. The music is nice and contributes to enhance the quality of the game.

Gameplay will seem initially pretty tough, especially because once you lose a life it's back to the beginning of the level. This could be a bit frustrating, especially when you reach bosses. Before getting to a boss fight, the screen will freeze for a few seconds to load and then the boss will appear out of nowhere. If you are badly positioned, it could well happen that he'll pound you several times into oblivion before you even have a chance to react. And before you know it, you'll be sent to the beginning of the level.

If you have a hard time even getting past level 1, it is perfectly normal. Just stay far away from bosses as soon as they appear. Then, look at their patterns and as soon as they are done attacking, attack back then retreat. This strategy works well for most of them.

During the game, you can perform as many magic spells as you want but you'll have to wait for your magic meter to fill up every time.

Oddly enough, magic spells are not available during boss fights…Also, magic looks decent but nothing more really…

There aren't really many games of this type on Mega CD aside from Final Fight, so my advice is to get this if you are a Mega CD owner.

Bottom line: It's an overall good package and a decent Final Fight clone. 7/10










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