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Cyborg 009

version: jp - year: - developer: riot - publisher: telenet japan - format: mega cd, cdrom - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

The text in the configuration screen is all in Japanese. If you want to select easy as a difficulty level, choose the upper option in the first item on the list.


The first boss is really what triggered my interest in this game

Review -Based on Shotaro Ishinomori manga from 1963, Cyborg 009 for the Mega CD is a fairly good action game with quality cut-scenes, awesome retro drawings, and cool music.

As an action platformer with emphasis on shooting, it feels fast and entertaining.

There are a few running sequences reminiscent of Alien Storm in there as well while the platforming part is not too frustrating although some high jumps can be slightly tricky to perform...

I may have a soft spot for anything related to Telenet, but besides this I warmly recommend this game to any Mega CD owner out there as Cyborg 009 is an overall entertaining package, with quality production values.

Bottom line: A game enjoyable from start to finish, exclusive for your Mega Cd. If you only want to seat back and enjoy the ride, this is a game that will not stress you too much because of its accessible difficulty level. 8,5/10










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