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Under Defeat

version: jp, limited edition - year: 2006 - developer: g-rev - publisher: sega - format: dreamcast, gdrom - condition: mint - rarity: very

Under Defeat doesn't come in a jewel case but in a DVD-style box. The limited edition comes with the sound-track CD and has an alternate cover.


Photorealistic graphics


Incredible explosions


The lightning won't kill you but it will slow down your helicopter a lot, making you a more vulnerable target to enemy fire

Review - It's mid 2006 and dreamcast games are still coming out, thanks to the unconditional support of a small but dedicated fan-base.

According to some web rumors, this latest Naomi to Dreamcast port should have been a success, selling around 10 000 copies. Normally, this a small amount for commercial releases but in this specific case, considering that the Dreamcast is basically discontinued, Under Defeat performed well.

Before playing the game and judging only from the screenshots I saw, I thought Under Defeat was going to be a clone of Zero Gunner 2 mainly because of the similar helicopter theme.

Once I finally decided to play the game, during the first few minutes, the slightly unconventional control system somewhat reminded me again of Psikyo's shooter. This initial feeling quickly faded away though as I played through Under Defeat which is certainly a very nice shooter although I don't think it can match Zero Gunner 2 both in terms of audio-visuals and gameplay. Don't get me wrong though because Under Defeat is still an impressive effort!

When facing the first boss, your helicopter will beautifully reflect on water-ponds while you'll be busy shooting everything you have at the enemy. When bosses are gunned down, you'll see parts of the wings or of the propellers spectacularly break off the main structure while huge explosions will litter the screen with particles and an amazing smoke effect.

The realism of the graphics is pushed to new hights when unleashing the smart bomb which effect is devastating and looks like Napalm bombs! If you played G-Rev earlier game Border Down, you'll probably understand what I am talking about…

The sound effects are convincing although I didn't find the music to be memorable since it sounds a bit generic and in my opinion, it lacks punch.

About gameplay, it is slightly unintuitive at first because of the control system. There are 2 possible options (Normal or Reverse) and basically you helicopter can fire facing 3 directions (front, diagonal-left, diagonal-right). Setting the controls to Normal will make your helicopter face the enemies while on Reverse mode, you'll be facing enemies only when retreating. This probably sounds confusing but it isn't very complicated once you try it out.

The difficulty level is well balanced and there are a certain number of unlockables such as artwork gallery etc. The more you play the game, the more credits you'll be awarded so it shouldn't be a problem to see the ending of this cool game.

Once finished, there is a second loop that becomes available (2-1) which basically offers the same levels with a harder difficulty and with a different camera angle.

To conclude, Under Defeat is a polished shooter, a bit short but very well done. It doesn't match the greatness of Zero Gunner 2 but it still is one of the better dreamcast releases.

Bottom line: a nice surprise, unexpected so late in the dreamcast's life-span. 7,5/10










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