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Psyvariar 2 The Will to Fabricate

version: jp - year: 2004 - developer: skonec - publisher: success - format: dreamcast, gdrom- condition: mint - rarity: uncommon


The graphics are really good most of the time


If "bullet hell" type of shooters aren't your favorite, you might as well skip Psyvariar 2


Review - After Border Down, the Dreamcat gets another Naomi port and yes, it is another shooter.

Sequel of Psyvariar (ported to PS2), Psyvariar 2 improves on the the prequel both graphically and game-play wise.

The graphics are smooth, colorful and sharp and this might also be because the game runs on the Dreamcast and not on PS2. No jaggies to be seen! To fully appreciate the game's graphics, the VGA box is a must.

The high quality bgms are back as they seem to be the trademark of the series (the music in Psyvariar was excellent stuff too). Aside from the switch from space-ships to mechs, game-play has remained faithful to the original game but the buzz system has been improved.

It must be noted that finishing the game is very easy but this is not actually the point of Psyvariar 2. Everything rotates around the score. The closer you get to the bullets, the more points you get and the higher you rank. Psyvariar 2 is a game to be played not to see what comes next but rather for pure fun. And in this repect, the formula works great.

Bottom line: a fairly entertaining late Dreamcast shooter, worth getting....7/10











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