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Sturmwind: Windstärke 12

version: euro,- year: 2013 - developer: duranik - publisher: redspotdepot - format: dreamcast, cd-rom - condition: mint - rarity: very

"Windstärke 12" is German for Wind Force 12


The jewelcase includes a beautifully detailed instructions manual


The Limited Edition has a production run of only 500 units. It includes the game, the OST, a ship model and an artbook, all wraped up in a quality outer case.


The Kraken returns from Native. The animation is highly impressive.


Söldner - X vibes here...


Again, Native reincarnated!


Debris bonanza


Review - Deeply rooted into the obscure and never released Atari Jaguar side-scrolling shooter Native, Sturmwind can be considered as the rebirth of Native as a fully developed commercial product migrated to the Sega Dreamcast.

The same team behind Native worked on Sturmwind and some of the bosses that were supposed to appear in Native (like the Kraken or the Praying Manthis) made a reappearance in Sturmwind.

Graphically, Sturmwind is very impressive and is certainly in another league compared to most of the recent shooters that came out from NG Dev Team or Hucast in terms of graphical quality and boss design.
Just looking at the attention to detail in Sturmwind will draw a big smile across your face considering that this is Dreamcast wasteland we are dealing with!
Be it for the amazing weather effects (snowstorm), or the convincing water surfaces or elegant transparencies, the graphics do look professionally made while the electronic music complements the action and reinforces the euro vibe of the whole experience.

And here is where things could be better since gameplay does feel very euro-like although admittedly without the difficulty attached to such games. The morbid love for hard to see particle effects blending in the backgrounds is here to stay though, as is a general feel of coldness and lack of a soul... somehow.
Despite the above negatives which I understand may come down to personal preference, Sturmwind has plenty of levels to play through (16!) and lots of cool bosses and enemies to discover.

Bottom line: In the end, all said and done, Sturmwind left me hollow and somehow expecting more. It must be my everlasting love for traditional Japanese shooters that sets the bar too high for euro developers…8/10










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