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version: jp - year: 2006 - developer: milestone - publisher: milestone - format: dreamcast, gdrom - condition: near mint, w/o spine - rarity: uncommon

As you an see, the artwork is...well...not really sexy if you ask me!


The cell-shaded graphics feel different from other vertical shooters.


Learn to alternate the shield with the plasma sword and the ranged-attacks for best results.


To offset the risk of close-quarter slashing, use the shield!!

Review - Being part of one of the last waves of traditional 2D shooters for Dreamcast, Radirgy is the second Naomi port from Milestone to appear on Sega’s dream machine after the excellent Chaos Field.

What is immediately noticeable is the cell-shaded graphical style which brings a fresh look to the genre. Innovations don’t stop at the aesthetical level though as from a gameplay perspective, Radirgy offers a unique combination of safer long-range shooting, close-quarter heavy-damage plasma sword combat and a timed-shield which can be activated when the shield meter fills up.

If applied correctly, these three elements combined can give the right tempo to the action on-screen as you shoot wider enemy-waves from afar, then activate your timed-shield before jumping into crowded spaces to unleash powerful close-quarter attacks which have two effects: the plasma sword deals a lot of damage and it also refills your shield meter faster than long-range shooting.

You can see where this is going and why Radirgy actually discourages you to play it safe...It actually pushes you to be brave and get your hands dirty!

I would have never imagined this game to feel so different from other vertical bullet-hell shooters and also to be so compelling. I must say that the artwork, which is definitely not my taste, may have had something to do with the idea I had of this game, but Radirgy truly exceeded all my expectations!

Also, the rhythmed soundtrack is a welcome addition and complements the experience just fine.

It should be said that with only 5 stages to go through, Radirgy is a bit too short and with every new game, you can unlock an extra credit until you reach a maximum of 9 credits so it really won't be long before you see the end of this one. But what Radirgy lacks in length it delivers in intensity.

The difficulty certainly ramps up by level 3 so you will get your fair share of bullet hell madness and challenge, don’t you worry!

Bottom line: In conclusion, I would say that Radirgy is a tight package and one of the better Dreamcast shooters with a deep and innovative system. Fully recommended, but remember
" Umbra is still in her"...










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