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version: euro - year: 2014 - developer: ng:dev.team - publisher: nd:dev.team - format: dreamcast, cd-rom - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

The Limited edition comes with the OST of the game, as it is customary with NG:DEV Team


Bosses are well designed although they dont move much


The smart bomb is very reminiscent of Truxton


This DC port has some minor differences compared to the more expensive Neo-Geo version and is generally a bit less polished.

Review - Neo XYX hardly feels like a game from NG:Dev.Team in the sense that it could be easily mistaken as being an unreleased Toaplan shooter.

The graphical style has that unmistakable Toaplan flair reminiscent of Truxton with gameplay shaken up to include a Cave-esque weapons set-up which includes a more powerful narrow-shot or a wide-shot.

These two types of shots make the gameplay feel more modern that what the graphical style would suggest and ultimately, create a perfect blend between retro art-style and cool more modern gameplay.

It is very hard to find any negatives when looking at Neo XYX, aside from a few minor bugs, the most annoying being the one affecting the pause button which sometimes doesn't pause the action right away.

The credits provided are more than enough to see the game from start to finish although you may need a few tries to get accustomed to the gameplay mechanics.

Bottom line: In this time and age, NEO XYX feels fresh and very unique. Maybe this is the best effort by NG:Dev.Team to date. 10/10










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