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Fast Striker

version: region free, limited edition w/ost, unofficial release - year: 2010 - developer: NG:DEV.TEAM - publisher: NG:DEV.TEAM - format: dreamcast, cd-rom - condition: mint - rarity: very

The production run of the limited edition was 1000 copies. This is number 0962/1000 as can be seen on the lower-right corner of the back-cover.

Review - Initially released on Neo-Geo MVS and then subsequently ported to Dreamcast, iOS and Neo-Geo-AES, Fast Striker is an interesting late Dreamcast release developed by the same guy behind Last Hope and Dux.

Fast Striker looks like a shooter from the early 1990s but its gameplay is more similar to a pure bullet hell shooter which follows Cave’s footsteps.

The limited color palette of the Neo-Geo obviously doesn’t do the Dreamcast a favor and doesn't allow to use the full color palette available on Sega's console but the rendered graphics still manage to be competent, with smooth scrolling, tons of enemies and bullets moving on screen and a clever scoring system which should make shooter maniacs happy.

There are several gameplay modes with different scoring systems although to finish the game you’ll need to beat at least Original Mode (equivalent to normal mode).

Fast Striker is a competent effort although it lacks the charisma of Cave’s latest offering both in terms of character design, and bullet patterns.

Bottom line: Fast Striker is still an enjoyable proposition and probably feels different enough to be worth of a purchase if you're the type of guy who wakes up in the morning and eats 2D shooters for breakfast. 7/10










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