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Dezaemon 2 aka Deza2

version: jp - year: 1997 - developer: athena - publisher: athena - format: saturn, cdrom - condition: good, w/o spine - rarity: uncommon


The lost sequel of Biometal


The first level of Biometal Gust looks very similar to the first level in the original Biometal


Keep the power button pressed and you will charge up your weapon for ultimate destruction


Sandworms yay! Dune anyone??


Bosses are really cool and definitely "Giger-esque" in their design


Bosses are really nicely drawn


Weapons are varied and each requires a different playing style to be used effectively


Let's "face" it, this level is overwhelmed by...faces (what a lame joke, I must be dead- tired tonight hehe)


The last boss looks so good that I was almost in tears the first time I saw it! Too bad it has zero animations...


This is the other decent shooter in the Dezaemon 2 pack


Hellow miss sexy boss!


Bosses are beautifully drawn


It was programmed by 1 (yes one!) guy


Here, the bridge uses parallax


You even have to see some cool distortions effect for the background graphics

Review - Once upon a time, in a far away galaxy, 2D shooters were the only thing that people use to play.

The market was flooded by thousands and thousands of carbon copy games in which a futuristic spaceship with an infinite arsenal had to defend the human race against some incredibly hostile alien threat. In this remote era, a little known shooter named Biometal came out on SNES. Developed by Athena, it featured an interesting techno soundtrack by 2 Unlimited (a famous techno band of the time).

Amazingly enough, Biometal spawned an even more obscure sequel named Biometal Gust but this time the game showed up on the more powerful Sega Saturn. What? You have never heard about it? Well, don't worry, this is perfectly normal since Biometal Gust is literally hidden into the Dezaemon 2 tool-pack along with a couple of other demo shooters built with it called Ramsie and Daioh P!

Dezaemon 2 is the sequel of Dezaemon which was originally released for Super Famicom. It is a program that let's you create your own vertical or horizontal shooter by either designing sprites and backgrounds from scratch or by using pre-existing templates. The interface is icon-based and user friendly and there is almost no Japanese in it so it should be easy to use. The concept is very similar to an old computer program called S.E.U.C.K. (Shoot'Em Up Construction Kit) that was released on C-64 and Amiga many moons ago.

Let's go back to Dezaemon 2 and more specifically, Biometal Gust which is probably the best shooter of the bunch included. Basically it is a reworked version of the original Biometal and although very conservative, it is surprisingly good.

The game is a bit short (only 5 levels) and it looks a bit unrefined in some places (like the intro for example is a bit laughable) but if you played games such as Shooter Space Shot or GaiaSeed, chances are you will enjoy this game as well.

Graphically, it looks like a decent SNES shooter (minor the slowdown!). Levels are varied and colourful, and feature some nice parallax and transparencies effects. The only complaint I have is that sometimes, it can be hard to understand what part of the background kills your ship and what part doesn't.

Interestingly, bosses sport a very inspired design although they lack a bit of frames of animation. I found the music to be especially good as it features catchy techno-ish beats that truly give the right tempo to the shooting action.

Gameplay is not very original as this game is really a standard side-scrolling shooter. You have your usual assorted weapons arsenal from which to pick from, you got an icon that grants you a shield, you can build up a stock of devastating smart bombs to unleash on unaware bosses and finally, you got power ups to increase your firepower. Oh and you also have a mega power beam R-Type style (and I think that should cover all aspects of the weapon system).

At this point, it is fair to say that nothing sounds particularly original in here, but Biometal Gust is addictive and it presents a decent challenge. For a demo game hidden into a program, it definitely surprises for it numerous qualities.

Now I'd like to talk a little bit about the other shooter in this package which I found pretty fun to play.

Ramsie is certainly not as well crafted as Biometal Gust but it has its fair share of inspired moments. The play mechanics are basically identical to Biometal Gust but this time, the scrolling is vertical. Overall, Ramsie has some nicely drawn sprites and bosses although backgrounds sometimes really look like they were cut and pasted.

The music is very inspired and it sounds almost as it came out of Devil Crash! Ramsie is a bit short as it has only about 5 levels although they are fairly challenging in normal mode. The theme of this game is actually pretty interesting and it is a fun little shooter to blaze through if you have a little time to kill.

Finally, the last demo shooter of this package is Daioh P! which is a “cute” un-textured polygon-based vertical shooter which I thought was pretty lame and boring so I didn't even feel like playing through it, amen.

To conclude, Dezaemon 2 is an interesting package if you want to try to build your own shooter or if you want to play Biometal Gust, which is a pretty cool shmup, available only here.

Bottom line: the lost Biometal sequel! 6,5/10











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