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Uncharted 2: Il Covo dei Ladri (Among Thieves)

version: pal (it) - year: 2009 - developer: naughty dog - publisher: sony computer entertainment - format: ps3, blu ray - condition: mint - rarity: common


You'll be running for your life often in this game, so get used to it ;)


Nathan is always in good company


The Tomb Raider meets Indian Jones setting is back


Me tarzan, who's Jane??

Review - Damn this game is good! It’s a quantum leap forward compared to the prequel, in terms, of graphics and variety of situations faced. The first scene is simply mind-boggling, as you'll find yourself suspended in the void inside the wreckage of a hanging train wagon...

Sure, there is still quiet a lot of shooting, which can become slightly repetitive towards the end, but some genuinely spectacular levels introduce a clean-cut break from straight shooting sections, and will leave you in complete awe, like a kid seeing something new for the first time.

Uncharted 2 is a super production, and it feels like a great interactive movie. The story is the usual affair, although character acting is league ahead most current games. Believable characters make up for the unoriginal storyline, while the graphics are simply incredible.

The snow is amazingly done, fluffy and convincing while platforming sections are over the top, and way more spectacular than ever before. This game really represents the apex of today’s technology as far as gaming is concerned.

When you realize you spent the past five minutes running after a chicken in some far off isolated village, just because you never saw a chicken move quiet that realistically into a videogame, you’ll know you came across a very special and beautiful game.Worth experiencing.

Bottom line: a spectacular masterpiece. 9/10










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