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Soul Calibur IV

version: pal (it) - year: 2008 - developer: namco - publisher: ubisoft - format: playstation 3, blu-ray - condition: mint - rarity: common

The fifth instalment of the series


Soul Calibur IV Hori stick


Siegfrid is back with a futuristic new look


Darth Vader was initially available only on PS3

Review - Since the very first Soul Edge during the playstation era, this franchise has been pushing back the technical boundaries on the consoles it appeared on.

Soul Calibur IV is no exception. PS3 graphics has rarely looked so sexy, thanks to clean, vibrant colors, defined textures, breathtaking scenarios and over the top characters models and animations.

Gameplay hasn’t been forgotten as there are various game modes to experience and most notably, you can create and customize your own character, affecting looks, costumes and statistics.

One of the best fighting games on the new-gen consoles then, but not very original. If you played any of the previous games in the series, you know exactly what you will get.

Bottom line: looking awesome, playing awesome, but you've seen it before although never as good. 9/10










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