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Killzone 3

version: pal (de), helghast edition - year: 2011 - developer: guerrilla games - publisher: sce - format: ps3, blu-ray - condition: mint - rarity: uncommon

The Euro Helghast edition includes everything pictured and the metal-box Collector's Edition of the game.


Weapons are very inspired and some of them can be dismounted and carried around!!


The amount of details and graphical effects is surprising


The alien jungle level looks gorgeous and is reminiscent of the setting in Avatar.


The jungle mission requires you to follow a soldier and play stealth. You are required to hide in the grass just like in the original Modern Warfare stealth mission.


The Jet-Pack offers some fresh platforming action.


Review - The first time I loaded Killzone 3 I felt like I was actually looking at a PS4 game. Really. My retina got literally assaulted by the dense level of detail in the graphics, the sharpness and the overall graphical fidelity of the action happening on my 37” screen .

Guerrilla Games seems to have mastered and squeezed the PS3 to its limit, at the cost of the game running at 30 fps which in all truth is the speed at which most FPSs run at on console. Those 30 fps will only make the game feel a bit on the slow side at the beginning, when no actual shooting is yet taking place. When things heat up though, you’ll quickly forget about it as you’ll simply enjoy the relentless action, and the smart and aggressive enemies A.I.

Killzone 3 is a triple A product without any doubt although the acting is a bit flat and not very emotional. Also, sometimes lip-synch will be completely off and this kind of ruined the illusion of being drenched in the chaos and dirt of an alien war-theatre.

This is such a pity because the characters are well characterized and the story is actually decent. Obviously you’ll only worry about it if you go through the campaign, which this time is much more varied and exciting than in Killzone 2.

Levels are way more varied while gameplay has been shaken up as you’ll be using different kinds of vehicles, a jet-pack and even a star-fighter ship in pure Star-Wars tradition.

With so many great vehicles and a beautiful setting to fight your way through, it’s a pity it’s all over too soon. What is packed in the game though never disappoints so you won't feel bitter about the singleplayer game being shorter than expected.

The multiplayer is where you’ll get the longevity out of this game, but since I do not enjoy playing FPSs with a controller, I only briefly tried a deathmatch game which was not very crowded. I can say the action on screen was super smooth with basically no lag whatsoever.

Bottom line: All in all, Killzone 3 looks truly amazing and really showcases the true potential of the PS3 if given to the right people with the right resources. On the gameplay front, the single player campaign is really entertaining, varied and in my opinion, it betters the prequel on all fronts. 9/10










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