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Clive Barker's Jericho

version: pal (it) - year: 2007 - developer: mercury steam - publisher: codemasters - format: playstation 3, blu-ray - condition: good - rarity: common

hello pretty face!


Perform an exorcism to kill this nazi officer for good


Characters graphics are better than backgrounds


Fight your way back in time from the crusaders...


...to the Roman Empire and beyond.


Characters switching is fun and provides variety


Hello, wanna go on a date with me?

Review - Jericho is a slightly atypical FPS based on a story written by horror novelist Clive Barker (“Hellraiser" and "Undying ”).

You are in control of a Special Operations team of 7 soldiers who also happen to have psychic powers, and you'll have to travel back in time to get rid of an ancient evil who is about to unleash its wrath on all of mankind. The twist here is that you'll be able to control each member of the squad by migrating from one body to the next.

Interestingly, some situations will require the use of specific powers / abilities to be overcome but you will always receive cues on what to do, so that the action never really gets interrupted.

Also, another nice touch is the inclusion of interactive cut-scenes in which you will be required to press specific buttons in a certain sequence and timing in order to advance. This is for example how you will have to perform an exorcism on one of the defeated bosses.

As far as the visuals are concerned, Jericho manages to create right from the beginning a very creepy atmosphere which quickly turns into a living nightmare with a heavy emphasis on masochism and depravation. The character models are well designed while backgrounds are detailed enough although the scrolling isn't as smooth as it should be and it is way worse than other fps on playstation 3.

Most of the potentially beautiful settings are inevitably portrayed with elements of decadence and the unnecessarily sick details sometimes seem just a pretext to hide the linearity of most levels, like for example those pile of faeces in Governor Cassius Vicus domain. Ok he is fat, scarred, evil and ugly but why can't he just use the toilet like everybody else?!

What I'm trying to say is that it might have been better to alternate some nice and clean locations with some others which are twisted, nasty and devastated instead of designing them all in the same manner.

In that sense, Doom 3 was maybe a scarier experience. But besides this aspect (which maybe bothered only me!), I think Jericho manages to distinguish itself enough from the sea of other FPSs on offer thanks to its original play-mechanics, if not for its setting and for the awesome voice acting and incredibly well done voiceovers of bosses which are genuinely original and terrifying.

In the end, despite its limitations, I found Jericho to be a pleasant diversion for a few hours of fun. Just don't expect a classic.

Bottom line: A cool horror fps with characters hot-swapping, but it should have been technically better and level layout could have been more inspired. 6,5/10











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