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Heavenly Sword

version: pal (it) - year: 2007 - developer: ninja theory - publisher: sony computer entertainment - format: playstation 3, blu-ray - condition: mint - rarity: common

One of the most awaited launch titles for PS3, technically very impressive, it still failed to bring any real innovation to a well represented genre. Interestingly, the artwork is from an italian artist.


Facial expressions, and acting are extremely well done...bravo!!


Some action scenes are highly spectacular and involve tapping the right button at the right time. Dragon's Lair anyone?!


Some levels feature an insane amount of enemies and it is very satisfying to hack enemies by the hundreds!


Levels look nice although settings are a bit repetitive after a while


You will have to use an alternate character for some of the missions, which will bring a bit of needed variety.


The bazooka is an extremely powerful weapon. Use it wisely as its ammo is limited!

Review - Hailed as the flagship launch title for PS3, with a hefty international team of well over 100 people working full time on it, Heavenly Sword is for sure no ordinary game, at least as far as the production values are concerned.

Graphically groundbreaking, the facial animations are simply unbelievable as they manage to convey the story in a much more dramatic and effective way. The skin, the imperfections, the eyes, the hair, everything looks so life-like…

The music is your typical new age, arabic sounding stuff which after a while can get a bit on your nerves but once you go past the eye-candies though, you will play another one of those generic fantasy action games with very few innovative elements. Well, a very good looking generic action game but still it's such a pity that so much work was put mainly on the aesthetics and not also into the game itself.

Some variety is introduced by playing as a different character for some missions and through the use of first person control of projectiles (such as arrows, missiles etc) which can be aimed using the sixaxis after-touch functionality, but still, this is simply not enough for a game of this level.

In the end, I still had a lot of fun playing it through, but keep in mind that gameplay wise, it's not very different from Conan after all.

Bottom line: an excellent action fantasy game with over the top audio-visuals, but you have seen this kind of gameplay before. 9/10











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