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The Elder Scrolls IV: OBLIVION GOTY: Shivering Isles

version: pal (it), 2nd print w/ map - year: 2007 - developer: 4j studios - publisher: bethesda softworks - format: ps3, blu-ray - condition: mint - rarity: common

The GOTY edition includes the main Oblivion game plus the two expansion packs Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles


To access the Shivering Isles expansion, you have to wait 24(in-game) hours after which the game will warn you that a new location has been unlocked.


The new graphics are really well done and look refreshingly different


Character models are slightly better as well


Random Crystals will start spawning around in the Shivering Isles and will generate these Knights endlessly until you shut them down. The crystals bring back to mind the Oblivion gates although they take a lot less time and effort to be shut down.

Review -Despite its flaws, Oblivion was a great action-rpg with a lot of content and beautiful audio-visuals.

A couple of years later, here I am talking about Shivering Isles, the 2nd and last expansion pack of Oblivion which was released in Europe only as part of the Oblivion Game Of The Year Edition.

Surprisingly, my old saved games from the first print of Oblivion worked in this GOTY edition, so it is fully confirmed now, they DO work!

This has been a welcome surprise because my level 31 character has tons of awesome items and weapons which make life so much better.

Anyways, I have to say that the game froze maybe 6 times in total forcing me to shut down the PS3. Not fun.

Some other bugs were either plain hilarious or super irritating.

For example, in the Addiction Quest, you are supposed to find and ingest a drug called Felldew in order to be granted access a membrane-like door inside a tree-log leading to a dungeon. The drug can only be found by killing an huge insect creature called Elytra which should be somewhere around that dungeon. Problem is, it may be not there for a long time! I killed a lot of these creatures but for some reason none of them dropped the drug, so this effectively prevented me to go any further into the game.

Game-breaking bugs are the most horredeous of bugs, and I really didn't want to abandon my saved games and character to start from scratch. Eventually, I decided to go out of the Shivering Isles back to Tramiel and the original Oblivion game and then I travelled back to the Islands again. And this time, after some search, I was able to find the right Elytra which carried the drug I needed. That's really some depressing game design in my opinion...

Another bug happened in the Duke of Thadon assassination mission. This one is actually harmelss though, but somehow fun, although it destroys a bit all of the effort made by the programmers to create a believable world. In the mission, I killed the Duke's servant because she spotted me and ran to call for help. After back-stabbing her, I finished the mission. Soon after, she magically reappeared - dead - at the Duke's table, to have a drink or whatever, her body seating on a chair, completely bended on the side (she is dead after all, remember?). What the hell, is that a zombie meal?!

Aside from the technical problems, Shivering Isles is actually a meaningful expansion, which provides some decent quests and touched up graphics which do look good.

In particular, the flora looks a lot different than in Tramiel, with huge entangled roots, gigantic mushrooms and beautiful new sky effects. Shivering Isles almost looks like it's coming out of Alice in Wonderland.

About the quests, it's really more of the same, as you'll have to dungeon crawl most of the time and I feel a bit sorry that so much of the action takes place underground instead of taking advantage of the beautiful outside world.

Also, sometimes I experienced unacceptable drops in frame-rate, as the game was almost frozen, advancing frame by frame. Luckily this problem happened only twice.

Bottom line: Regardless of these problems, it was fun to be back into the world of Oblivion. 7,5/10










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