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Dead Space

version: pal (it) - year: 2008 - developer: visceral games - publisher: electronic arts - format: playstation 3, blu-ray - condition: good - good: common

Interestingly, Italian horror director Dario Argento dubbed Doc. Terrence Kyne character for the Italian version of the game, but he honestly doesn't sound that great.


Dead Space is one of the best survival horror games to come out in years. It incorporates state of the art graphics and sound, with engaging gameplay framed within a great science-fiction plot. As part of a new franchise, it managed to be commercially successful. A comic book and a cartoon are also out.


Your status information is refreshingly displayed directly onto your armor and weapons.


The aliens multiply by using human bodies.


Dismemberment represents the core of the gameplay. Aim for arms and legs as shooting elsewhere often pushes the aliens to go completely berserk and become even more aggressive and fast.


The main character is very agile and easy to control, but sometimes, enemies appear out of nowhere, limiting somehow the realism.


Aegis VII... where it all started...

Review - A distress signal sent from the mining ship USG Ishimura is intercepted and you are sent on a rescue mission to investigate. Unfortunately upon docking, your own ship is heavily damaged while you are left stranded in what seems to be a ghost ship. Soon, you stumble upon text logs left by the Ishimura crew as you try to reconstruct what happened before your arrival. Illegal mining operations , a powerful alien artifact dug out from the planet Aegis VII, aggressive “Necromorph” creatures roaming the ship, persistent hallucinations and the Unitology sect are all pieces of a puzzle which will gradually come together to uncover the horrifying truth...

With elements inspired from various other works such as polish writer Stanislaw Lem's Solaris and the sci-fi movies Event Horizon and Leviathan, Dead Space manages to fuse all of its sources of inspiration with original, video-games specific content, although the core experience remains a survival horror sci-fi adventure centered on combat and exploration. Shooting specific limbs and methodical dismemberment of the aliens is required for successful kills while a system of grids let's you upgrade and customize your weapons and armor.

Aside from standard weaponry, you'll be able to use powers such as Stasis (to slow down time) and Kinesis (to grab far-out objects). These powers will often be used to solve puzzles, even in the mind-twisting zero-gravity levels. And here lies one of the most original aspects of Dead Space: sequences in zero-gravity are very creative and extremely fun to play, and will really push you to think in “3D”. And they look simply gorgeous, like the rest of the game. It is really almost like playing through high-quality special-effects scenes of some big budget Hollywood movie...

The audio-visuals also manage to transmit a perpetual sense of uneasiness and tension which will start as soon as you pick up the pad and it will leave you only when you'll finally take off to freedom. The interface is intuitive, elegant and modern, just like the controls which are fast and versatile. Saving spots are scattered generously throughout, minimizing frustration time. In the end, Dead Space is headed to become a classic, since it manages to incorporate an engaging plot with great visuals, a quality score and top game-play. In a word: play it!

Bottom line: a survival-horror with a nice science fiction plot and fantastic gameplay. Welcome to hell ;) 9/10











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