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The Darkness

version: pal (it) - year: 2007 - developer: starbreeze - publisher: 2k games - format: playstation 3, blu-ray - condition: mint - rarity: common

Based on the popular comic book


An interesting concept for a slightly "different" FPS-style game


Shoot lights out to unleash your dark powers! Rip out hearts of corpses to upgrade your dark powers. Normally though, guns seem to be more effective to deal with enemies (excepet for the last Darkness power you'll come into possession, the devastating black hole.)


When the Darkness dwelling in you takes over, you become a killing machine. Too bad you have no control over what happens on screen...


Taking the metro to move around is pretty awesome, just not as crowded as in real life ;)


There is even room for some everyday's life romance

Review - "I got my first kiss down here.....she crossed her legs.....an' broke my sunglasses."

Inspired from a popular American comic book, The Darkness rotates around the interesting concept of an old and evil entity which moves on through the centuries by possessing its hosts, the last of whom is of course…yourself!

This will basically translates into an FPS in which you’ll have the ability to hold two different kinds of weapons; the regular ones which have limited ammo and the Darkness’ ones, which have infinite ammo but can only be used in the dark by shooting lights out.

The action is not strictly on rail as you’ll be allowed to roam around and take side quests as you please, while navigating the various New York neighborhoods littered with punks and criminals of all sorts. The amazing thing is that you’ll never see the same face twice, all characters have their specific facial features, way of walking and accents, making it really engaging to walk around and randomly talk to people, in the subway or wherever you want. The illusion of being part of a lively universe is certainly well recreated while the mission structure is also involving. 

Interestingly, you'll find yourself in a few morally objectable situations like when you'll be asked to "silence" a group of yougsters who are keeping the neighborhood awake at night with loud music. You can decide to decimate them or not, since it will just be part of a special request from some local mafioso (side quest). But really, shooting down people because they are loud seemed a bit extreme... I am glad this game is rated 18 here in in Europe...

Moving on to your arsenal, I just found the Darkness weapons to be underpowered (except for the black whole) while when your true dark powers finally emerge, you will be dealing massive damage but only through cut-scenes. The regular guns seem to be more effective most of the time and this is a bit disappointing I thought...

Graphically, The Darkness is well done, with rich textures and a well crafted lighting system. Walking the streets of New York is a pleasure, also to witness the nice graffiti art and details which flourish all around. I would not say they are the best graphics on PS3 but they manage to do a good job nonetheless. (A higher frame rate with fewer uncertainties would have been appreciated.)

The soundtrack is well done and features an impressive amount of songs and styles while overall, the Darkness manages to bring some of the magic of the comic onto our TV screens.

Bottom line: A decent game based on the Top Cow Productions comic book, but I would have expected more maybe because competition in the fps genre is very strong on PS3.... 6,5/10










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