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version: pal (it) - year: 2007 - developer: nihilistic - publisher: thq - format: playstation 3, blu-ray - condition: mint - rarity: common

One of the best games based on Conan


A pretty good action game which borrows without too much shame from Heavenly Sword


Conan is a pretty violent game with lots of blood and dismemberments


The Kraken makes for a spectacular fight. Bosses are often inspired


Saved! time for my reward now hehe

Review - An amazing leap forward compared to Conan on Xbox, this next-gen outing sports amazingly detailed textures, fluid scrolling, topless girls in distress to rescue and a very well done combo system which allows to chain devastating attacks in a never ending spiral of blood and broken bones!

The only downer here compared to the Xbox prequel is how the story unfolds which isn't nearly as atmospheric.

Bottom line: In the end, I would recommend Conan to any player eager to jump into a satisfying action game in a dark fantasy universe. 8/10










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