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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

version: pal (it) - year: 2007 - developer: infinity ward - publisher: activision - format: ps3, blu-ray - condition: near mint - rarity: common

Modern Warfare doesn't include English as a selectable language in the Italian version. A real shame.













Review - The first game in the Call of Duty series to depart from the WW2 setting, Modern Warfare is a squad-based FPS with heavy emphasis on tactical action in contemporary war theaters.

It doesn’t deal with real conflicts, but the setting ranging from the Middle East to the Caucasus in Russia does a good job in creating the illusion of modern day wars. Covert, special ops missions represent the bulk of the action. Infiltration right into sovereign nations to hit terrorists is what you’ll be doing in an attempt to subvert the plans of a nuclear attack on US soil.

Everything is tightly scripted, you advance in open outdoor spaces from one check point to the next, and exploration is almost non existent. Sometimes, it almost seems to be playing an on-rail shooter, but guess what? You will not care. The action is so gratifying and missions are so adrenaline-driven that the last thing on earth you will worry about will be complaining about the scripted, constricted action.

Jump into a C-130 gunship to wreck havoc and rain death from above, or if you are right down into the action, call in an airstrike to clear yourself a path inside enemy lines. This is a straight FPS, which delivers bursts of action, in the form of tight missions.

It usually starts right into the war theater, after a drop zone has been identified as a viable entry point into enemy territory.

You follow orders, possibly maintaining a stealth posture, whenever possible. If all goes to hell, shoot to survive and try to complete the mission objectives anyways. Your teammates support proves invaluable, their A.I. is advanced. They don’t run around aimlessly to get decimated. They look around. They take cover. They attack. They retreat. And they will often teach you a trick or two on how not to waste your own life!

You’ll feel part of a team. You’ll feel bad when your inaptitude will cost the life of one of your teammate. Because chances are he covered you a few times before, when you were the one in trouble.

Modern Warfare manages to capture the spirit of war like no other game. Despite its heavy arcade orientation, the “simulated warfare” is more than convincing. Don’t believe me?

Grab a gun, and jump into man-made hell. This is war as we fight it today. Asymmetric, conscripted, controlled, but in the end, still devastatingly violent, and exhilarating, knowing you can switch the power off and your life is no more at stake.

Bottom line: Still great fun to play, even after the sequel is out! 9/10










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